Filter for coffee machine KRUPS CLARIS F088
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Universal, replaceable filter cartridge for use in Jura Claris, Bosch TCZ 6003, Siemens TZ 60003, Krups F088 coffee machines. It cleans tap water, improves its color, taste and smell, prevents limescale deposits, thus extending the life of the machine.

The Claris F088 filter fits the following machines: AEG CF500 CF200 EA1000 CF300 CF400 CF90 CF120 CF95 CF100 CF85 C400 BOSCH: TCA600101 TCA600102 TCA600103 TCA600104 TCA6001CH01 TCA6001CH02 TCA6001CH03 TCA6001CH04 Bosch TCA6001UC02 TCA6001UC03 TCA6709CH02 TCA6709CH03 TCA6709CH04 TCA6709CH05 TKN68E75001 TCA6001UC04 TCA60F902 TCA60F903 TCA60F904 TCA630101 TCA630102 TCA630103 TCA630104 TCA630105 TCA6301CH02 TKN68E75002 TKN68E75003 TKN68E75004 TKN68E750B01 TKN68E750B02 TCA6301CH03 TCA6301CH04 TCA6301CH05 TCA6301UC02 TCA6301UC03 TCA6301UC04 TCA670101 TCA670102 TCA670103 TCA670104 TKN68E750B03 TKN68E750B04 TKN68E75103 TKN68E75104 TCA670105 TCA6701CH01 TCA6701CH02 TCA6701CH03 TCA6701CH04 TCA6701CH05 TCA670902 TCA670903 TCA670904 TCA670905 TKN68E75GB03 TKN68E75GB04 TKN68E75UC02 TKN68E75UC03 COCOON: F92141 EKSPRESSIA: XP7200 GAGGENAU: CM200110 KRUPS: F92041 F92042 F92142 F92241 F92242 F92741 F92742 whole series of coffee: EA8.XXX NEFF: C7660 NIVONA CAFEROMATICA: 740 725 720 710 620 610 SIEMENS: TK54001 TK60001 TK64001 TK68001 TK69009 Type : Claris Filter F088

Capacity: 2 months (400 cups) The filter is a replacement.

Brand and type names have been used only to indicate the intended use of the goods. Coffee in the morning for some people is a ritual without which it is not worth leaving the bed. In order for every coffee lover to enjoy the taste of coffee, a good quality filter for the coffee machine is necessary. The filter for the coffee machine is used to clean the water flowing through it, it also improves its color, taste and smell. Each coffee machine filter also prevents scale build-up, which will significantly extend the life of the machine. If you are a person who appreciates the good taste of coffee and its quality, you should invest in a filter for the coffee machine. Thanks to it, your coffee will be even tastier! It should also be remembered that the filter for the coffee machine should be systematically replaced so that its use brings the expected effect. Each filter performance can have a different validity period. Usually it is measured over a given period of time and frequency of use. We invite you to view our offer filter for the coffee machine. If we take a moment to think about what the coffee we drink consists of, we will inevitably come to the conclusion that 99% of its composition is water. Therefore, what water we use to prepare coffee has a significant impact on its quality and taste. If we want to enjoy the best taste, we should take care of the appropriate filter for the coffee machine, which will ensure that the water we use for brewing coffee is of the right quality. Ground coffee beans, in contact with water, release what is best in them, i.e. taste and aroma. It happens that the water available in our house is too hard, which results in a low-quality coffee taste. The truth is that even the best quality coffee varieties will not do well without the right filter for the coffee machine. In addition, unfiltered water is a threat to the functioning of our coffee machine. We see its operation every day on kettles and other household appliances. A similar process takes place in the coffee machine, if we do not use the appropriate filter for the coffee machine. Limescale build-up on the tubing and in the brew group is not only unsightly but also harmful to the appliance. Filters for the coffee machine are easy to use, quick to replace. It provides us with clean, drinkable water. Is a filter for the coffee machine necessary? Is the use of an espresso machine filter necessary? Yes. It is an action that has a positive effect on our health. After all, none of us want to drink coffee from untreated water. And if it doesn’t make any special difference to us, it’s worth thinking about your device. The filter for the coffee machine is of particular importance for its proper operation. Without this element, limescale in the water is deposited in the device. The filter for the coffee machine is designed to retain any impurities in the water in such a way that they cannot settle on the device. The filter for the coffee machine is also not a part that can be cleaned. The only action we can take is replacement with a new one. Trying to clean the filter can only worsen the situation. A used filter will not fulfill its function properly and no home remedies will change it. Users of coffee machines should be aware of the fact that in order to use the device as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for it. It involves both the purchase of a coffee machine filter and its regular cleaning and maintenance. Proper care of the device reduces the risk of damage to it during use. The guarantee of a long life of the device is the regular replacement of the filter for the coffee machine and its systematic cleaning.

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