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A universal, replaceable filter cartridge designed for use in Saeco, Philips, Gaggia, and Spidem coffee machines. It purifies tap water, improves its color, taste and smell, increasing the comfort of using the machine, and prevents scale build-up, thus extending the life of the machine. SAECO INTENZA + filter fits coffee machines: Philips Saeco: Energica (HD8852) Esterosa (HD8527) Exprelia (HD8854, 8855, 8856, 8857) Intelia (HD8751, 8752, 8753, 8754, 8755) Intuita (HD8750) Minuto (HD8761, 8762) Moltio (HD8767, 8762) Poemia (HD8423, 8425, 8427) Royal (HD8930) Syntia (HD 8833, 8836, 8837, HD 8838, 8839) Eeasy 2011 Xelsis (HD8942, 8943, 8944, 8946, HD8953, 8954) Xsmall ( HD8743) Saeco: Incano (Rl9724) Nina manual Odea (Rl9752, 9755, 9757) Primea Touch Plus Syntia- all Taela models- all Lavazza models: A Modo Mio Gaggia: Accademia Baby Brera Carezza Prestige Illy New Baby New Espresso Platinum Unica Spidem: My Coffee Type: SAECO INTENZA + filter Capacity: 2 months (400 cups) The filter is a replacement. Brand and type names were used only to indicate the intended use of the goods.

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